Victor DeÇain

Hacker, Enforcer, Investigator




A child of privlege. He had the best education from the beginning to his 19th birthday where he discovered that his family the DeÇain family was responsible for the single biggest economic hit of the century leaving thousands of people homeless and jobless.
After liquidating his savings he took to the streets of Boston got an apartment of his own and began to do odd jobs for those who paid.
A tech genius knowing his way around any firewall or defense program out in the world and also utilizing technology in ways no one else can.
Also skilled in combat both with firearms and hand to hand.
His left arm and leg are prosthetic, implanted and grafted onto his body after a car accident at the age of 10 that took both those limbs and the life of his mother.
A functioning alcoholic and smoker both habits he picked up over time spent in the real world

Victor DeÇain

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